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2019 Friends Annual Membership Meeting Dinner

The Friends of Aztalan State Park will have its annual dinner meeting on the evening of Saturday January 26 at the Hoard Historical Museum, 401 Whitewater Ave, Fort Atkinson, with another interesting program.

The project provides details of what major archaeological features still lie underground. It was conducted by Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc. in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin DNR, and the Friends of Aztalan State Park. The remote sensing technology used is called a gradiometer that can detect subtle disturbances in the soil. Last year, we heard a preliminary report by Dr. John Richards of UWM, but since then archaeologists from several institutions have studied the results in more detail and a final report of the analysis has just been received. An oversized map will be displayed showing subsurface disturbances that can be related to walls, houses, storage and refuse pits, and possibly even graves/cemeteries. This information will be invaluable in guiding future research and management at the site, and we plan to make the results of the remote sensing survey a center piece in the proposed new visitor center.

The Friends of Aztalan State Park funded a part of the project with a special donation generously provided by Friends of Aztalan board member Marifran Cataldi specifically for this purpose.

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Friends of Aztalan State Park

To register, first contact executive director Bob Birmingham at or 608-516-3421. The cost of the dinner will be $27 per person and this can be paid by:
  • Mailing a check to Friends of Aztalan State Park, PO Box 855, Lake Mills, 53551
  • or by clicking one of the Dinner buttons below. (For more than two guests, submit more than one order.)
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Those not interested in dinner may attend the business meeting and program without charge.

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For more information, contact Friends of Aztalan executive director, Bob Birmingham at 608-516-3421 or

Thank you for your support of Aztalan State Park!